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Conversation. Affection .Intimacy



Merci for stopping by. Allow me to welcome you to my little slice of debauchery and learn a few tidbits about me. Emphasis on few, a girl has to keep somethings up her naughty sleeve. After all, Discretion, as they say, is the better part of valor.

I am originally from Africa currently based in la belle Provence Montreal. If you have never been, I'd be happy to be your guide. (if you can brave the cold)

Much as I love Montreal, wanderlust has always beckoned and I cannot help but succumb to her calling. To that end, I've been fortunate enough to have traveled extensively. These experiences have to degree shaped the person I am. An appreciation for different cultures, art literature music food and most profound insight into people from all walks of life. As a result (humble-brag) I speak 5 languages some of which you probably never heard of:) Needless to say, I relish the dying art of conversation,..maybe over un Verre de Sancerre or players choice...

As a virtuosic sensualist, it doesn’t hurt that I am Scorpio. Make of that what you will.....

But enough about me, let's talk about your favorite subject. You.

Fact that you are reading this tells me that you are a gentleman of discerning taste. You are on a quest through the vast wasteland that is the internet for that beautiful yet intriguing companion. You want your particular preferences and needs not just appreciated, but enthusiastically met. The kind where Parting is blissfully tortured...yet leaving us ravenous for more...

Well;,...Search no further! 

Hubristic some might argue some might argue, self-assured I say.

Far be it for me to toot my own horn (I have people for that) don't let not the lithe caramel legs fool you. Certainly, not my beguiling brown eyes and I wouldn’t dream of mentioning my charming smile nor my delectable behind that may very well be your undoing.


Humanity (IMHO) is a fluid state of interchangeable paradox. I love to be seduced, yet I relish the idea of seducing you,..have you on your knees begging, wanting... gasping, ...


Let’s start our rendezvous today.






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