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Please have your donation ready, and leave it on the hallway table at the very beginning of our session.  Please don’t make me ask for it, or discuss my rates.  If we are meeting in public, place your donation in a greeting card envelope, a gift bag, or a book. With that out of the way, we can relax and enjoy ourselves.

Joie//Joy Can neither be quantified nor captured. One can only hope to bask in its glory, grasp each memory to be treasured as keepsake.


Hungry For Me um..More

Pleasure is best shared, let's Indulge.


1st Hour $400 Incall

1.5 Hours $550 Outcall

2 Hours $750

3 Hours $1000

4 Hours $1200

5 Hours $1500

Bespoke//fatto su misura

Let's create together,.that 1percent...

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